Monday, October 5, 2009

RePurpose Old Bike Tires Into a Stamp

Take those old busted bike tires out of the garage or trash dumpster and give em new life!

Items you will need: 
  • Old Bike Tire
  • Utility Knife
  • Adhesive (Liquid Nails)
  • Scrap Wood
  • Hand Saw

You may have some old tires around your garage but if you don't...go to your local bike shop and ask them for any old tires that they may be disregarding.  The bike shop that I went to had a huge trash bin full of them.

Using your utility knife cut the tire to the desired length.  I wanted to cover most of my 12x 12 paper, for scrapbooking.  

With your piece of scrap wood and hand saw cut the scrap wood to the same length of the piece of tire.

Place adhesive on the wood and in the inside of the tire strip.  Hold the tire against the wood firmly for a few moments.  You may want to place the wood and tire under a brick of something else you may have handy.  

After the adhesive has dried take your utility knife and cut any excess tire from the sides of the wood.  

Then your bike tire stamp is done.  Grab some ink and your paper and go for it.  I used a bike rental day while in Nantucket for the stamp.  You could also use it for;  "child's first bike ride", "day the training wheels came off", "bike race"...

On the previous photo I used the stamp for a header and on this photo the stamp is across the page...looking like someone biked right over it.  Enjoy and happy stamping!



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